Practicing Nonviolent Communication in a Multicultural, Multilingual Environment (Türkiye)


Practicing Nonviolent Communication in a Multicultural, Multilingual Environment (Türkiye)

REALs conducted a Nonviolent Communication training in 4 cities: Adana, Adiyaman, Çanakkale, and Diyarbakır in Türkiye this February to five agricultural cooperatives led by women.


The main purpose of REALs training was to provide communication skills development particularly for multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment in the participated cooperatives. Good communication skills help avoid friction and conflict between the members of cooperatives and enhance work environment and efficiency.




 Türkiye currently hosts approximately 3.6 million refugees, the largest number in the world (February 2024, UNHCR). Although the majority of the refugees are from Syria, many  come from Afghanistan, Iraq, or Ukraine, as well. With the diversity of the Turkish society, the need of Nonviolent Communication has been more aware among the people.


Through the training carried out by REALs, the participants learned and acquired better communication skills for empathy also contributed social cohesion between the members with different socio-cultural background, particularly between refugees and host community members, by focusing on understanding others with “empathy” without sacrificing their own values, and expressing their true feelings and needs with open-hearted honesty without blaming the other person. 


This project was implemented in partnership with FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).




REALs developed Nonviolent Communication guide handbook and awareness raising posters in English, Turkish and Persian.




Awareness raising posters are to be used for the social media campaign by each participated cooperative and to spread the idea and tips of Nonviolent Communication.


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