Donation from Kurita Water Industries Ltd. to improve water and sanitation in South Sudan

In 2020, REALs received continuous generous donation from Kurita Water Industries Ltd.we are currently working on a project to improve the water and sanitation environment at the Mangaten Internally Displaced Persons (IDP)Site in Juba, South Sudan.

In 2019, with a donation from Kurita Water Industries, we repaired the worn-out and badly damaged toilets and showers at the refugee site, where 11,000 people (approximately 2,200 households) are living, and also installed new hand washing facilities.


This year, thanks to the donations, we have been able to repair other toilets along with the well. By improving water and sanitation, health hazards and infectious diseases can be prevented. We will also provide maintenance training for community members of IDP site to take care of their toilets and wells themselves and use them for a longer period of time. 

We also provide conflict prevention training so that IDP community members can use the limited facilities without disputes.

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